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Wuhan University Trade and Development Forum 96


ThemeInput Usage, Core Competencies and M&As

Lecturer: Chaoqun Zhan, Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen University

Time2022.09.29 10:00

Site: A204 of EMS


The resource-based view holds that firms diversify to utilize “core competencies”. We contend that firms’ know-how in input usage is a key underlying element and study the implications for mergers and acquisitions. Firms, when entering new industries, are more likely to acquire targets with more similar inputs. Utilizing China’s WTO entry which lowered import tariffs as a natural experiment, we find that firms are more likely to acquire targets from other industries with exogenous increases in input similarity due to higher tariff reductions in their common inputs. Furthermore, the effects are more salient when affected inputs are differentiated, hard- to-substitute, or innovation intensive.

Introduction to the lecturer:

Chaoqun Zhan is an assistant professor in the Department of Economics, Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen University. He holds a PhD in Economics from Hong Kong University . His research interests include international trade, Chinese economy and industrial organization. His papers have been published in authoritative academic journals at home and abroad, such as Journal of International Economics, Pacific Economic Review, International Trade Issues, etc. He has won the Yasusuke International Trade Paper Award and the nomination Award of Masahiko Aoki Economics Paper Award. He chaired the National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Project.