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Economics and Management School (EMS) is now crowned as the largest school in Wuhan University. With comprehensive disciplines and a galaxy of talents, the School embraces a wide range of social impacts and a strong competitiveness in the field of economics and management education in China.

EMS has 11 departments, 1 research institute, several academic research centers, 8 administrative offices and 2 teaching support offices. The School hosts the journal Economic Review, which is one of the six core journals in economics, funded by the Chinese National Social Science Foundation. The School is one of the 13 national bases for training economic talents in China. The 30,000-square-metre office building provides modern conditions for the teaching and research. The experimental teaching center is equipped with more than 1200 sets of hardware equipment, 18 internationally used teaching software, more than 30 domestic experimental teaching software and more than 40 databases both in Chinese and English. In compliment to the University Library, the School library has a collection of 160,000 books and 40,000 periodicals in economics and management.

EMS covers four first-level disciplines: Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Management Science & Engineering, and Business Administration. EMS is the only few schools in China that have been authorized to offer degree programs in all first-level disciplines in economics and management. Two disciplines, Theoretical Economics and Finance, are granted premier National Key Subject. The Theoretical Economics was selected as the first batch of national top discipline building project. EMS has 8 key research bases at provincial or ministerial level, and 38 research institutions at university level.

There are currently 282 faculty members at the School, including 92 professors, 7 research fellows, 98 associate professors, 20 associate research fellows, and 30 assistant professors. 94% of faculty members have doctor degree, and 49% of them are under 45 years old. The faculty development in EMS is moving towards a reasonable distribution of age, an optimized structure by discipline, and a continuous improvement in overall quality.

EMS has over 2600 undergraduates, more than 3000 full-time postgraduates, and about 300 international students. EMS adheres to a new talent cultivation mode of value shaping, ability training and knowledge dissemination, to promote the all-round development of creativeness, innovation and entrepreneurship. The School strives to cultivate high-quality talents with international vision and innovative spirit.

With efforts from the stakeholders of the School, as faculty members, students, and alumni, the vision of the School is “to become a leading business school in China with world-class standing”.

Welcome to the EMS of Wuhan University!