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The School Research Lab is a national show-case lab equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and IT support. Established in 1999, the Research Lab is on the 3rd & 4th floors of the EMS Building. It has been one of the school’s key projects since 2005 under the Chinese national drives called the “211” and “985” projects. During 2005-2009, the average annual investment was about 3million yuan per year. In 2007, the Lab was recognized with the title of ‘Model of Experimental Teaching Centre’ for Hubei Province. In 2008, the Centre was recognized as a Chinese National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centre. The Lab’s IT infrastructure and supports are illustrated as follows:



Total areas of the laboratory centre

Over 3000 square meters

Servers, computer equipment and auxiliary equipment

Over 1200 PCs and more(with a total value more than 16 million yuan)

Foreign recognized experimental teaching software

15 kinds

Domestic experimental teaching software


Database in Chinese

More than 20 kinds

Database in English or other languages

More than 20 kinds

In addition to its role as a public student and staff laboratory, our IT facilities also have specialist additional facilities for teaching on PCs and related stimulation software operation for various specific Chinese industries. In essence, there are specialist experimental laboratories that undertake strategic simulations, and personnel evaluations located in various rooms within the EMS Building. We have installed software related to strategic simulations, human resource appraisal, ERP and other teaching evaluation and simulation software. The overall aim is to provide students with online literature search, data processing, essay writing and other conditions and places. The experimental centre is equipped with eight full-time staff, with middle and senior professional titles who are responsible for equipment storage, maintenance and test operations counselling, In addition, the laboratory is also equipped with two part-time teachers who work as instructors.

The Lab is open all day on weekdays, and the software and data are updated frequently. A list of software and database available in the lab :


BvD Global Finance Analysis and States’ Macroeconomic Indexes

Emerging Markets

Information Service


The Industry Database of China Macroeconomic

The Database of Industrial Enterprises

The Database of Imports and Exports



The Database of China’s Manufacturing Industry

The Database of Product Output of Industrial Enterprise

Econlit with Full Text


China Scope Financial





SPSS 19.0




OxMetrics 4


Eviews 6.0

Microsoft Project 2007

LINGO V11.0 Hyper

Decision Tools Suite Industrial Course License

Winrats 7 Professional

GAUSSplot V8.0 for GAUSS


Cats 2.0



Accounting Training Teaching Software

Finance Simulation Teaching System

Finance Teaching Simulation System

Human Resource Evaluation Teaching Software

Hotel Management Teaching Simulation System

Travel Agency Management Teaching Simulation System

Property Management Teaching Simulation Software

Supply Chain Management Teaching Software

Supply Chain Simulation Software - Beer Game

Commercial Banks’ Integrated Service Simulation System

Credit Business and Risk Management Simulation System

Shen Yi465 (online) - Audit Simulation Teaching Software

International Settlement Simulation System

International Trade Simulation Teaching System

3D Artificial Intelligence Design of Logistics Software

Warehouse Management Teaching Softwar

Third-part Logistics Teaching Software

Commercial Distribution Logistics Teaching Software

Marketing Skills Sandbox Simulation Software

Marketing Strategy and Management Sandbox Simulation Software


Tax Inspection Simulation System

Tax Practice Simulation Teaching System

Electronic Tax Reporting Simulation System

Actuarial Simulation System (Life Insurance)

Actuarial Simulation System (Non-life Insurance)

Tax Planning Simulation System

Business Operating Decision Simulation Software

Business Operation Analysis and Prediction System