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EMS held AEA Overseas Recruitment Activities

The Recruitment Team of EMS engaged in international  AEA recruitment and conducted a talent introduction seminar with The Chinese Economists Society.


EMS has always attached great importance to the introduction of talents, and has carried out talent introduction work in AEA for 12 consecutive years. This year's recruitment is divided into two parts: online and offline. At the same time, two recruitment seminars are held online and offline. The composition of the recruitment expert group continues the pattern of last year, which not only covers the teachers of the school, but also invites several well-known professors at home and abroad.

In October 2023, the school released the recruitment revelation on the AEA annual website, and has received more than 100 application materials for doctoral students from Columbia University, University of Cambridge, University of Rochester, New York University, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, National University of Singapore, University of Hong Kong and other famous universities. After carefully evaluating the scientific research achievements and development potential of the applicants, the online interview was held in the School from December 28 to 31, 2023. The School invited Professor Kai Zhao from the University of Connecticut, Professor Zhigang Feng from the University of Nebraska, Professor Qianqiu Liu from the University of Hawaii, Professor Yundong Tu from Peking University, Professor Haichao Fan from Fudan University, Professor Yuwan Duan from the Central University of Finance and Economics, Professor Shengyu Li from the University of New South Wales, Professor Rong Luo from Renmin University of China, Professor Yanfei Wang from Renmin University of China, Professor Zhe Yuan from Zhejiang University, and Professor Mohan Zhou from Zhejiang University, together with more than 20 teachers from our school, conducted online interviews with more than 60 candidates in different disciplines. The applicants' majors cover labor, health and education, environment, city, region, real estate, macro, corporate finance, econometrics, industrial organization, trade, experimental economics and other fields of economics.

On January 2, EMS held a promotional meeting for overseas recruitment. Dean Nie Jun,  Associate Dean Luo Zhi and Professor Fu attended the promotional meeting. They introduced the latest development of the school and the personnel policy to outstanding doctoral candidates in economics from all over the world, and interacted with online doctoral candidates. According to the results of the online interview, the school set up a special recruitment working group to go to the United States for offline interviews with excellent candidates in the online interview. During the five-day trip to San Antonio, the school recruitment working group and candidates had in-depth interviews, which not only showed the eagerness to attract talents of the school, but also contacted excellent talents who were willing to join the school in the first time.

Dean Nie presented EMS of Wuhan University with eloquence at a talent introduction seminar, exchanged invaluable insights on overseas recruitment experience, and significantly bolstered the School's prestige within the global economics community.

AEA is the main platform for the flow and recruitment of global economics talents. CES has been established since 1985, and is mainly responsible for the business meetings and receptions at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association and the American Sociological Association (AEA/ASSA) in 2024. It is an important platform for domestic universities and institutions to recruit overseas economics talents. For two consecutive years, our school has optimized and reformed the AEA recruitment process, paid attention to the academic structure of talents, targeted at the research results of talents, mined the development potential of talents, invited well-known professors at home and abroad to jointly review, and actively promoted the enhancement of the attraction of talents at home and abroad. The school will continue to implement the strategy of "strengthening the school by talents" in accordance with the educational philosophy of "strengthening the school by talents".