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130th Anniversary Development Conference of Business Education held in Economics and Management School of Wuhan University

Recently, the 130th anniversary conference of business education of Economics and Management School of Wuhan University was held. Zhang Pingwen, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of Wuhan University, Dong Zhiyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Vice President and Dean of the School of Economics of Peking University, Chen Dongsheng, Chairman of Taikang Insurance Group, and other leaders of Wuhan University, representatives of sister universities, alumni representatives and more than 400 guests attended the conference. The conference was live broadcasted on the Internet.

President Zhang Pingwen pointed out that Wuhan University's business education originated from the business door of the self-improvement school established in 1893. For 130 years, Wuhan University's business has been struggling in the wind and rain, singing in the smoke of gunpowder, prospering in the revolutionary construction, flourishing in the reform and opening up, and thriving in the rejuvenation of the country. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Wuhan University's business has forged ahead on the new journey, developed into a brand of business education with profound academic accumulation, complete disciplines, outstanding professional advantages, and important influence at home and abroad. Zhang Pingwen expressed the hope that the college will implement the fundamental task of cultivating morality and cultivating people, and strive to cultivate pillars of the world; give full play to the role of the think tank, and actively serve the national and local economic and social development; gather alumni strength, and actively expand school resources.

Vice President Dong Zhiyong said that Wuhan University scholars courageously took the lead in the construction and development of development economics and made outstanding contributions to the development of development economics. Wuhan University and Peking University have a profound history, vividly deducing the story of "going south and going north" in the history of modern Chinese higher education. The two universities have similar temperament and spiritual connection. It is hoped that the two schools can further enhance the cooperation and exchanges between the two schools, promote the practice of the era of building a strong country with education, science and technology talents, and jointly write a new chapter of the modernization of China's higher education. Chen Dongsheng emotionally reviewed his warm and sincere youth roots in Luojia Mountain. The profound humanistic spirit of Wuhan University accompanied his every step of entrepreneurship. From Guardian Auction to Taikang Life Insurance, he has always taken "self-improvement" as the value pursuit, "perseverance" as the ideal ambition, "seeking truth" as the academic attitude, and "innovation" as the mission of the times. The eight-character school motto has brought him infinite spiritual strength at every critical moment.Chen Dongsheng said that he will provide financial support for the "Wuhan University Economics and Management Discipline Development Fund", contribute to the development and construction of his alma mater and college, and contribute to the 130th anniversary of business education in Wuhan University. Li Xiaoling, representative of outstanding alumni and vice president of Graduate School of Chongqing University, said that what she had learned most in Luojia Mountain was "adhering to doing difficult but right things", and the flame of pursuing academic truth gradually became the love that supported her forward, which allowed her to see the power of examples when she was confused and keep her heart at heart when she was frustrated.

Nie Jun, dean of School of Economics and Management of Wuhan University, introduced the historical context of the school's development, new achievements in the past decade and thinking about future development from three parts: "Looking back on the road to the source", "based on the new era, writing a new chapter", and "strive towards the future, striving for the dream of a strong country". Nie Jun said that in the future, the school will adhere to the "virtue-based education", shoulder the mission of education power, and cultivate business talents to serve the Chinese-style modernization construction in the practice of implementing the education power; adhere to the "strong school", build first-class economic and management disciplines, and strengthen the construction of economy and management under the background of promoting the high-quality development of the "double first-class"; adhere to the "four oriented", docking the national strategy, and build an independent knowledge system with Chinese characteristics; adhere to open education, build international business education, and take the road of building an international school with Chinese characteristics. Professor Qi Shaozhou, as the representative of the faculty, spoke with deep feelings about his 30 years of study and work in the School of Economics and Management of Wuhan University, and was full of gratitude to the school and the school.

Undergraduate Lian Yaqiong, as the representative of the students, said that in the past three years, she had been nourished by the knowledge and wisdom of business education, and also influenced by its culture and quality.In the future, we will live up to the call of the great era, live up to the trust of the party and the state, live up to the expectations of teachers and alumni, and strive to take root and germinate in the fertile soil of Wuhan University, and bloom the most gorgeous flowers of the era.

After the speech session, Jiang Xingli presided over the ceremony of presenting flowers to the old teachers and the unveiling ceremony of the alumni donation.