Lan Xu (徐岚), Nan Cui(崔楠),William Qualls b, Lei Zhang:How socialization tactics affect supplier-buyer
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  AbstractDrawing on prominent theories of innovation and interorganzational relationship paradigms, this research identifies exploration-exploitation, one of the innovation characteristics of co-development projects, as a boundary condition for the effects of formal and informal socialization tactics on co-development performance. The results suggest that formal socialization tactics enhance co-development performance in exploitative innovation projects, while informal socialization tactics facilitate co-development performance in exploratory innovation projects. Moreover, the research firstly introduces cooperation and collaboration to interpret the mediating mechanisms underlying the relationships above. The findings indicate that cooperation mediates the effect of formal socialization tactics on co-development performance of exploitative projects, whereas the influence of informal socialization tactics on co-development performance of exploratory projects is mediated by collaboration. Based on the results, this research provides practical guidelines for managers who are considering how to employ appropriate socialization tactics to facilitate performance in a setting of co-development.

  KeywordsSocialization tactics; Cooperation; Collaboration; Co-development; Exploration; Exploitation


  原文刊发:《Journal of Business Research》2017年9月,为学院A-类奖励期刊