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  讲座题目:A network game of dynamic traffic





  摘要:We study a network congestion game of discrete-time dynamic traffic of atomic agents with a single origin-destination pair. Any agent freely makes a dynamic decision at each vertex (e.g., road crossing) and traffic is regulated with given priorities on edges (e.g., road segments). We first constructively prove that there always exists a sub-game perfect equilibrium (SPE) in this game. We then study the relationship between this model and a simplified model, in which agents select and fix an origin-destination path simultaneously. We show that the set of Nash equilibrium (NE) flows of the simplified model is a proper subset of the set of SPE flows of our main model. We prove that each NE is also a strong NE and hence weakly Pareto optimal. We establish several other nice properties of NE flows, including global First-In-First-Out. Then for two classes of networks, including series-parallel ones, we show that the queue lengths at equilibrium are bounded at any given instance, which means the price of anarchy of any given game instance is bounded, provided that the inflow size never exceeds the network capacity. (joint work with Bo Chen, Xujin Chen, and Changjun Wang)

  简介:曹志刚,北京交通大学经济管理学院教授。2010年毕业于中科院数学与系统科学研究院并留院任助理研究员。2017年9月调入北京交通大学经济管理学院,任“卓越百人计划”教授(第四层次)。主要研究兴趣为博弈论及其应用,包括网络博弈和算法博弈论等。在相关领域主流刊物发表(或接受)论文20余篇,包括Operations Research、Games and Economic Behavior、Social Choice and Welfare和Theoretical Computer Science等期刊以及ACM Economics & Computation等会议。

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