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  讲座主题:Learning under Risks, or in Harmony? A Dyadic Study of Building Adsorptive Capacity in Customer-Firm Relationships




  讲座摘要:  This article addresses a central question in relationship marketing: How do firms learn from a relationship? Although learning and knowledge are believed to play a significant role in inter-firm relationships, relatively little is known about how collaborators actually interact with each other in a way of influencing their intents to learn from the relationship. In this study, we argue that the effect of customer firm cooperation on absorptive capacity is contingent on the nature of the relationship. Our findings, based on a dyadic dataset collected from a longitudinal research design, show that both customer and focal firms are more proactive in building absorptive capacity when they perceive the challenge of learning completion, as reflected in high risk of knowledge leakage to the partner; whereas becomes contented with the current status of relationship and less motivated to invest in learning when the relationship sustains harmonious and stable. Additionally, the coexistence of focal firm and customer firm’s absorptive capacity has a positive synergetic effect on solution innovativeness. Further, we find that operational integration, as an implementation mechanism, helps firms to leverage absorptive capacity for innovative solution output.

  个人简介:李冰心,丹佛大学丹尼尔商学院市场营销系助理教授。在香港大学商学院获得市场营销学博士学位。她的研究领域包括营销战略,产品创新,企业合作和共同创新条件下的关系和知识管理。在研究中她特别关注的行业包括高新技术行业和能源行业。她的研究成果发表在国际研究刊物,比如Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Ethics。她长期担任各种学术研究基金和学术刊物的审稿人。她主要教授产品管理,国际企业创新和营销战略管理。她曾获得Daniels Research Excellence Award 和 Teaching Excellence Award。学术研究之余,她还为多个公司包括创业公司提供市场咨询。

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