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【访问教授系列讲座】美国佐治亚理工大学Vinod Singhal教授系列讲座


   授课内容:Using secondary data in management research: Overview, research methods, and research opportunities
  授课人:美国佐治亚理工大学Vinod Singhal教授
Management researchers are using publicly available secondary data to analyze the effect of management decisions on corporate performance using metrics related to shareholder value and operating performance. This seminar will review the emerging research that links managerial decisions in strategic management, marketing, and operations management decisions to corporate performance.
Vinod Singhal教授简历:
Vinod Singhal is the Charles W. Brady Family Chaired Professor of Operations Management at the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. Vinod’s research has focused on the impact of operating decisions on accounting and stock market based performance measures. His research has been supported through grants from the US Department of Labor, National Science Foundation, the American Society of Quality, and the Sloan Foundation. He has published extensively in academic journals and has made more than 120 presentations at different universities. His research has been recognized in the practitioner community through his many articles in industry-practitioner journals and frequent invited presentations as keynote speaker at practitioner conferences. His work has been cited well over 200 times in practitioner publications such as Business Week, The Economist, Fortune, Smart Money, CFO Europe, Financial Times, Investor’s Business Daily, and Daily Telegraph.
Vinod is a Departmental Editor of Production and Operations Management, and Associate Editor of Journal of Operations Management, Management Science, and Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. He is on the Academic Advisory Board of the European School of Management and Technology, Germany. He has served on the Board of Examiners of the Georgia Oglethorpe Award, Bell South’s President Quality Award, and the Baldrige Board of Examiners. 

Vinod has contributed to the Georgia Tech. community in terms of teaching and service. Vinod’s teaching interests include operations strategy and supply chain management. At the Scheller College of Business, Vinod has taught at the undergraduate, MBA, executive, and PhD programs and has won teaching awards at the MBA level. His contributions to curriculum development are diverse and deep including those made while serving as Associate Dean of MBA Programs and area coordinator of Operations Management. He has contributed to teaching at an international level, as well, by offering workshops and advising faculty and PhD students on how to enhance the quality and impact of their research in countries including Australia, China, France, New Zealand, and Singapore, and United Kingdom.

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