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IIRC (International Investment Research Center,China) specializes on doing research and consultancy including: release the International Investment Index (II Index) monthly, International Competitivity Index (IC Index) yearly, and International Investment Environment Index (IIE Index) yearly; analyze the international investment opportunity and capital market, study investment policy and investment planning, and provide advisory services on investing management as well as investing design. more>>

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International Investment Research Center (IIRC) is proved by Wuhan University Administration in China. As a professional organization, IIRC specializes in the study on world economics and international investment, based on the current foundation of Economics and Management School of Wuhan University. The consulting team has more than 20 experts, including professors, associate professors, and Ph.D. students, with the group of innovation passion, global vision and highly-qualified capability. more>>

The members of IIRC are the followings:

Director of IIRC: Hong Chen

PhD in Economics, University of Paris;

Professor of WHU;

Doctoral supervisor.

Vice Director of IIRC: Pei Yu

PhD in Economics, University of Paris;

Other Members:

Assis.Chengyu Yang, Assis.Xin Wei, Assis.Hongtao Cao, Assis.Yongjian Ma, Assis.Rong Xu,Assis.Qi Jiang, Assis.Shunrong Ye, Assis.Lu Liu, Assis.Qiao Yang, Assis.Wenzhe Hu.

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Economics and Management School,Wuhan University, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.