Alumni News: Back to the Campus for the 30th Anniversary of Graduation


         On May 2, the 1985 graduates from the Economics and Management School gathered at A221 of EMS.


Professor Song Min, dean of the school, extended his warmly welcome to these alumni. He introduced the changes of EMS over the years, as well as its current situation and the main development direction in the future. Meanwhile, he expressed his gratitude to the alumni for their persistent contributions to the school, and hoped that they would come back “home” as much as possible.


And then, the famous alumnus of our school Chu Tianshu made a speech in the free speech session. He introduced the WHU Alumni Association and Entrepreneur Association initiated by WHU alumni including himself, which provided a platform for talent introduction and investment attraction. He called on all alumni to keep in touch and contribute to the development of Wuhan University.


In the meeting, the alumni indulged in reminiscences of their youth, they are paying close attention to the university’s development, anywhere, anytime. They are all very grateful and proud of the great changes and development of their mother institute. At the same time, the school will always be the warm home of alumni, and sincerely look forward to their next return. (Author: Zhao Xueping; Translator: He Ke)