Associate Prof. Guo Lin attended the 2018 EFMD(European Foundation for Management Development) Global Workshop


      During October 23 to 24, the 2018 EFMD(European Foundation for Management Development) Global Workshop on “Trend, Quality and Accreditation of Market” was held at Antai College of Economics and Management. Associate Prof. Guo Lin of our School attended this event.

    EFMD is a global, membership driven organization, based in Brussels, Belgium, with offices in Asia and the Americas. As the largest international network association in the field of management development, the EFMD network includes over 900 institutional members and reaches more than 30,000 management development professionals from academia, business, public service and consultancy across 88 countries worldwide. EFMD acts as a catalyst to enhance excellence in management education and development globally. It builds links between business schools and companies, creates and disseminates knowledge on best practices and trends in management education and development, as well as brings peers together via targeted conferences and seminars to exchange on latest developments and network.

    EQUIS (EFMD Quality Improvement System) is the leading international system of quality assessment, improvement, and accreditation of higher education institutions in management and business administration. The fundamental objective of EQUIS, linked to the mission of EFMD, is to raise the standard of management education worldwide. Its scope covers all programmes offered by an institution from the first degree up to the PhD, including non-degree programmes. EQUIS accreditation ensures a rigorous quality improvement process, benchmarking the School against a set of international standards in terms of governance, programmes, faculty, students, research, and foremost, corporate connections, internationalization and ethics, responsibility and sustainability. EQUIS has established its prestige and recognition worldwide and has accredited over 170 institutions in 42 countries since its launch in 1997.

    At present, there are only 18 business schools in mainland China with EQUIS accredited, among which 8 schools have received the accreditation for three years and 10 for five years. It is not only a symbol of the world's best business schools with the accreditation, but also a relentless pursuit of excellence in quality education and continuous improvement.

    Nearly one hundred representatives of the members signed up for the 2018 EFMD(European Foundation for Management Development) Global Workshop on “Trend, Quality and Accreditation of Market”. In this workshop, we have communicated with the participants on the specific progress and ideas of our school’s EQUIS reaccreditation, and conducted in-depth discussions with EQUIS experts.  Therefore, we have received a great number of targeted opinions and suggestions.