20 Years Graduation Anniversary- Management Science and Engineering Department Alumni Homecoming Event


On the Occasion of the University 125 year’s anniversary, alumni from the Management Science and Engineering Department Class 94821 came back to the school to celebrate their 20 years graduation during the National Day holiday.

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There are many highlights of the activity. Prof. XU Minghui, current Head of the department and Prof. FANG Chao, secretary of the department, expressed their warm welcome for the returning alumni, and gave a heart-warming reflection on the history of the department. Former department teacher Mr. LI Chuanyi, Mr. ZHOU Xiongguo and Mr. WANG Sanli memorized the university life with the Class 94821 and gave blessing on a successful future for everyone.

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After 20 years, most of the people from the Class 94821 became the mainstay of various industries, they are very thankful for the teachers’ impart and help during their 4 years stay at campus, they expressed their best wishes to the mother institute. £šEditted by Bittina£©


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