The Symposium on Assurance of Learning Held at Economics and Management School



        In order to promote the international accreditation of AACSB and the construction of the AOL (Assurance of Learning), a symposium on AOL was held in the Home of Teaching Staff of the School of Economics and Management on the morning of July 9, 2018. Assistant to the Dean of our School, Associate Prof. Guo Lin presided over the meeting which was attended by all members of the AACSB Committee and AOL Committee, as well as representatives of teachers who teach the trial course.

At the meeting, Associate Prof. Guo Lin reported on the operation of AOL system in our school and prospects for future work. Since its preparation in 2014 and its establishment in 2015, this year is in the 3-4th construction cycle and belongs to the initial stage of AACSB accreditation. Since the beginning of the construction of the system, our school has set up the training goals of knowledge, skills, communication, innovation and morality for various projects around the five major fields of business graduates' quality, and combined with the project training program to clarify the teaching objectives for the corresponding curriculum. Under the framework of the system, the teaching process should be designed around the training and teaching objectives of the curriculum. Teachers should observe the development of students' quality according to the training and teaching objectives in the corresponding teaching links of the course, and evaluate the learning results accordingly. Our school has formed a set of evaluation tools through the construction and accumulation of previous cycles, which will consolidate and improve the implementation conditions of the system in our school through training videos, manuals, lectures, thematic activities, etc.

The participants held a heated discussion on the relevant work of the system. How to design the incentive mechanism to ensure the operation of the system, how to optimize the operation process to improve the work efficiency, and how to clarify and coordinate the related functions of the committee and the department has become hot topics at the meeting.

The AOL system provides the foundation and decision-making basis for the optimization of personnel training programs. After running in previous cycles, the major policy proposals have been reflected in our training programs: setting up more business ethics courses for undergraduate and MBA programs, strengthening the incentive mechanism for graduate students to participate in academic conferences and lectures and adding seminars for frontier academic studies for graduate students to participate in,encouraging students to carry out extracurricular activities, integrating theory with practice in the experimental teaching and field teaching. The effect of these new measures of talent training remains to be analyzed in the latest statistics, and will put forward further suggestions for the talents training in our school.

Our school is about to implement the 2018 edition of undergraduate training program, and the revision of graduate training program has been included in the plan. The conference will launch a new round of Chinese and English curriculum construction.