EMS Officially Begins Preparation for the EQUIS Re-Accreditation


On March 13 and March 15, at a Work Promotion Conference attended by directors of all departments, institutes and heads of all offices, the preparation for EQUIS re-accreditation has officially begun to improve the academic and educational level, enhance the internationalization of research and cultural communication and broaden the international influence of EMS.

The EMS leaders attached great importance to the accreditation process. On a conference attended by directors of all departments and institutes,Du Xiaocheng, Secretary of Communist Party Committee of EMS, Song Min, Dean of EMS have instructed to promote the preparation for accreditation. During the process, through enhancing the comprehensive strength of EMS, the ultimate goal, improving the comprehensive level of education and internationalization, can be achieved.

According to Fang Debin, Assistant Dean of EMS, directors of all departments, institutes and heads of all offices should be fully aware of the importance of the EQUIS re-accreditation and move forward with the requirements of the accreditation system through cooperation to complete the assessment process in due time, in order to accelerate the internationalization of EMS the building of a “Double First-Class” University as a whole.

Directors of all departments and heads of all offices committed to turn the plan from rhetoric to action as soon as possible to meet all the accreditation standards in due time.

EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System),founded and operated by European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) is one of the three largest accreditation systems with its headquarter in Brussels, Belgium. EQUIS Accreditation aims at improving the level and quality of business schools.It assesses institutions as a whole. It assesses not just degree programs but all the activities and sub-units of the institution, including research, e-learning units, executive education provision and community outreach. Institutions must be primarily devoted to management education.After four years of continuous effort since 2012, on April 12, 2016, EMS acquired a three-year EQUIS accreditation which will expire on April 12, 2019. According to the requirements of EFMD International Accreditation Organization, decision has been made to launch the re-accreditation of EQUIS and submit the EQUIS Application Form and EQUIS datasheet in April, 2018. In September, 2018, the Self Assessment Report(ASR) will be finished. Peer Review Visit is due to begin in December, 2018.(Author£º HU,Shan )