AACSB Mentor Visits Economics and Management School


 During April 5th to 7th, Prof. Boonchai Hongcharu, the AACSB Mentor for the School, had visited us at the invitation of the Dean, Prof. XIE Danyang. After his visit, Prof. Hongcharu had put forward further opinions and suggestions for our future work regarding the AACSB accreditation.


Prof. Hongcharu discussed with Dean & Prof. XIE and Assistant Dean & Prof. LIU

During the two-day on-site review, Prof. Hongcharu held discussions with Dean Prof. XIE Danyang, Executive Dean Prof. PAN Min, Associate Dean Mr. SHEN Zuolin, Assistant Dean Prof. LIU Xueyuan and administrative officers in the Accreditation & Quality Assurance Office. Prof. LIU Xueyuan had briefly introduced the School’s present situation for AACSB accreditation, and the draft proposals and iSER Update Report to address the concerns raised by the Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC) of AACSB. Prof. Hongcharu had provided his comments and suggestions for further improvement accordingly, especially, on the School’s financial sustainability, AoL implementation and assessment, continuous improvement in curriculum design and development, program exclusion, etc.


Prof. Hongcharu discussed with Executive Dean & Prof. PAN and Assistant Dean & Prof. LIU

After the two-day discussion, Prof Hongcharu showed his appreciation for the School’s continuous efforts and commitment in AACSB. He encourages and supports the School to finish and submit the iSER Update Report by June 5th, 2017 the latest to catch up with the IAC meeting which is to be held in July 2017. He has also shown his confidence and extended his best wishes that the School shall be able to be approved by IAC to proceed for the on-site assessment review of initial accreditation within 2018. £šAuthor£ºHU,Shan;LIU, Xueyuan £©