Signing Ceremony for the Establishment of the Foundation í░Luo Jia Human Resource Management Educationí▒held in EMS


 To strengthen the development of the first-level discipline business administration, a dedicated foundation for human resource management education has been established. On 10 Nov.2016, the signing ceremony was held at the school of economics and management.


The foundation was donated by the alumnus supervised by Prof LI Yanping at EMS majoring human resource management for the amount of 600,000 RMB. The Event is also an anniversary of her 30 years teaching career.


Mr. XU Yi on behalf of the university education foundation expressed greetings and congratulations to Prof LI, he introduced the foundation referred to the school and expected more platforms to the discipline development for economics and management. The school executive dean Prof PAN Min on behalf of the school extended his sincere greetings to Prof Li for her 30 years teaching anniversary and the establishment of Luo Jia Human Resource Education Management Fund which is the first foundation for specialty development, he pointed out that the specialty HR has made huge contribution to the first-level discipline business administration, the specialty its-self has developed rapidly and formed gradually professional characteristics and owned a strong faculty team. Prof PAN Min took this opportunity to express his thank to the alumnus and hoped all the fresh men at our school to take example of schoolmates to complete the responsibility for their jobs in the future which is the best return to the school.

 The deputy director to the department of business administration Prof LIU Linqing felt greatly honored to take part in the ceremony, he is moved by the accountability and dedication of Prof LI and wished the foundation great success and sustainable development for research and teaching education to HR management.

 On behalf the HR specialty, deputy director to the department of business administration Prof DU Jing gave a talk, he used HR terminology to explain the original intention of the Fund. He was asked to read a poem by alumni to celebrate the event and Prof LI’s teaching 30 years anniversary.


At last, Prof LI thanked all the audience having graciously accepted her invitation to the ceremony, she introduced the background of the foundation and was grateful for Wuhan University where she has worked as teacher since 1986.”I love my students, my job and my specialty, I do hope that all of you remember the mother institute and make suitable contributions to her” said Prof LI with a warm applause by the audience. (Author:Bettina)