The EMS won the most Awards in the University 8th Young Teachers Teaching Competition



This year’s competition was added a bilingual teaching section. Prof Guo Lin representing our school extracted a teaching task titled” Exchange Rate Determinationú║An Asset Approach”. The jurors were very impressed by her fluent English, well-organized teaching and strong ability to the class interaction.
In the Chinese teaching section, Prof Hu Jingjing lively elaborate theoretical principles using case study by teaching the topic of production possibility boundary, her outstanding ppt and confident teaching style were subdued by the jurors.
Prof Shen Xiaoliang extracted a teaching task titled “free business model”, he used easy-to-understand examples to let every audience understand professional word, and his progressive catechesis was definitely a highlight in the competition.
The competition was lasted for a whole day, 36 candidates showed their teaching elegance, among them three are from the economics and management school which all performed excellent and won most awards. (Author: Bettina)