The Opening Ceremony for International Program held at Economics and Management School


 To   make   international  students of   Economics  and Management School  adapt  to new  surroundings  quickly  and better with  clear  plans, our institution  held  the great  opening  ceremony of   international   students’ conference   on   2016  September 29th . The honored guests who are present are Cheng Zhen Associate Dean of School of International Education, Zhang Yu Instructor and Du Li who is the assistant dean of Economics and Management School and Guo Lin coming from International Education Office.


At the beginning of the conference, the host expressed a warm welcome to all the overseas students,  welcomed them to China, to Wuhan University and to Economics and Management School. Afterwards, Cheng Zhen, Zhang Yu, and Du Li made a speech which inspired us so much.


They introduced the long history of Wuhan UniversityúČthe great faculty, and the advanced teaching level, which makes students show their great respect and devotion to this piece of land. At the same time, the teachers looked forward to their students learning more Chinese, knowing more about Chinese culture, taking active part in activities in Wuhan University as well. What is especially emphasized is that it’s most significant to “learn how to learn”, to learn how to make plans and to schedule a timetable when studying abroad. What is more, if overseas students want to unlock the door to learning, the key is attendance and participation.


Then, the representative of overseas students Nana made a speech. He picked up abundant activities that he joined in Wuhan University at first, including clubs and social activities such as joining AIESEC volunteer activity, becoming one part of the soccer team, taking part in basketball games, enjoying study in the library and so on. 


The abundant activities not only broaden his horizons,but also makesit better for him to blend into life in China.Next, he gave some suggestions about the living and learning to international  students. Firstly,  taking part in social activity positively can help students to make friends with people all over the world. Secondly, joining great studying groups can promote us to formbeneficial learning habits. Thirdly ,we should remember that learning Chinese canmake Chinese culture more comprehensive for ourselves.In the meantime,he said humorously that every   international   student needs a good software which will make it easier to communicate with your hometown’s relatives and friends. Finally,Nana stressed, his Chinese level develops rapidly during his years in China and he has greatly understood the beauty of Chinese and the splendid Chinese history.He thought the opportunity of studying in WHU is thanks to the support of the family and government ,so  every  international   student   should value this opportunity and enjoy thestudying life, just as "have   fun but study focused."


At last, the host explained some concrete plans about  international   students’ study, including both curriculum arragements and time arrangements, which can help them have a clearer understanding of their college life . After the meeting , all the  international   students took  group photos

Then, we found an opportunity to chat with them. Although they were in different grades,  none of them felt dissatisfied with the learning life here.  They said they have made many Chinese friends and really appreciated the multi-culture of China. When asked about the future plans, some  said they planned to find a job and make a home here . But the others said they wanted to go back home and make contributions to their hometown.


As a large and special group of our school, the international students are always a unique scenery. The coming of them represents that our school has broad horizons, diverse culture and the spirit of inclusiveness. Therefore, their study and daily life need our approach and consideration.Our school has always been trying our best to offer the international students responsible guidance in their study and life, and provide them with a more capacious platform to communicate with Chinese students. Meanwhile, though can feel the life is full of passion and care from the people there indeed, as for the international students themselves, life in a foreign country is filled with challenges unavoidably.


However, “Since the choice of the distance, will only trials and hardship.”Regarding China as a platform, making Wuhan University as a new start,it can be sure that with the courage to take the challenges, they will head for a more colorful and brighter future! (International education office)