Alumni News: Back to the Campus after 30 Years


The 1986 graduates from economics and management school gathered at Luojia mountain during this national holiday. 


The school executive dean Pan Min extended his warmly welcome to these alumnus come back home, some made this special trip from Japan and Canada, joining this exciting moment. He accepted a calligraphy gift from the 1986 graduates on behalf of the school. As the representative of 1986 graduates, the school full-time professor Zheng Chunmei hosted their arrival.


During their stay, the alumnus have visited the new school building, they walked around the campus, shared photos, recalled the beautiful time at Wuhan University. They are all very grateful and proud of the great changes and development of their mother institute. A Yangtze Tour was organized for them.


The alumnus indulged in reminiscences of their youth, they are paying close attention to the university development, anywhere, anytime. They promised to come back home for the 40th graduation anniversary. AuthorBettina, translated from Huang Lizhong’s report