Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing in Engineering and Project Management


SpeakerXuan Lv, Florida International University

Time: 10:00---11:30am, Thursday, May 30,2019

SiteEMS  B373-2

Abstract: As one of the largest industries in the world, the engineering and projectsection worth more than $10 trillion a year. Despite its significance to people’s everyday life, it is falling behind the curve inimplementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. This talk aims to provide an overview of the current and potential use cases of AI-based technological solutions in every stage ofengineering project management, from preconstruction to construction to operations and asset management.As one of the emerging technologies of AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps computer understand, interpret and manipulate human language (e.g. speech and text). The success of an engineering project involves the collection, analysis, and communication of massive natural language information, such as customer opinions, building codes, project contracts and specifications, jobsite reports, and accident reports. However, the application of NLP techniques in project managementremains an under-studied area. This talk will focus on the use of NLP techniques to help overcome the unique challenges of engineering project management and provide recommendations for future research and application.

Introduction to the Speaker

Xuan Lv, PhD, is an Assistant Professor from Moss School of Construction, Infrastructure, and Sustainability at Florida International University (FIU). Prior joining FIU, he obtaineda doctoral and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and a bachelor’s degree in Management Science and Engineering from Wuhan University. His research focuses on data-driven human sensitive infrastructure decision making, with special interests on applying advanced data analytical techniques, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to solve unique problems that challenge the architectural, engineering, and construction industry.