Financial Statement Comparability and the Provision of Audit Services


TopicFinancial Statement Comparability and the Provision of Audit Services

SpeakerLI , LiuchuangXi’an Jiaotong University

Time 9:30-11:00June 21,2018

SiteEMS B247


This study examines the impact of financial statement comparability, as captured by the comparability measures developed in De Franco, Kothari, and Verdi (2011), on the provision of audit services. Prior research documents that financial statement comparability is associated with improved user decision making and better governance. We provide evidence that these informational benefits from comparability also extend to the external audit. Specifically, higher levels of comparability improve the quality of the information produced by the firm, lower audit risk levels, and increase external audit efficiency. Consequently, comparability reduces the overall audit fee.

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