Idea Generation and Research Lifecycle: Develop Marketing Strategy Studies with Unique China Features


        Speaker£ºProf ZHOU Zheng, HongKong University


¡¡¡¡Time£º9£º30-11:30 Wednesday Oct.25.2017 

¡¡¡¡Abstract£ºWhat is most challenging in research project development? Lack of novel ideas may be one of the most critical ones, given the rich literature in most subject areas. How can we generate new ideas? How can we make sure that our new ideas are novel and significant enough? How can we offer novel insights in a mature area? In this session, I will share a strategy for idea generation during various stages of research lifecycle, in the context of developing marketing studies with unique China Features.

¡¡¡¡Conventional wisdom advocates firms to take market-based strategies such as developing firm capabilities and product innovations to achieve competitive advantage and superior performance. However, such market-based strategies face critical challenges when firms implement them in emerging markets, whose institutional framework is yet to establish to support these market-based strategies. This research will focuses on the unique institutional characteristics that challenge the efficacy of market-based strategies, and identifies potential ways for firms to address such challenges and develop new strategies to achieve competitive advantage.