Person-environment fit, commitment, and customer contribution in online brand community: A nonlinear model

Author:  Xiao-LiangShen(沈校亮),Yang-JunLi,Yongqiang Sun,Yujie Zhou
Publication:  Journal of Business Research
Abstract:  Online brand community is often regarded as a value co-creation platform where customers' active contributions are most important to the success of the community. Previous studies on the potential drivers of users' contributions placed a great emphasis on either users or the community itself, and most of these studies primarily focused on linear relationships. Drawing upon person-environment fit theory, this study develops a research model to explore the nonlinear effects of person-environment fit, i.e., needs-supplies fit and demands-abilities fit, on community commitment, as well as the nonlinear effect of community commitment on users' knowledge contribution intention. Using 480 online survey responses, the results indicate that needs-supplies fit has a decreasing incremental effect, while demands-abilities fit has an increasing incremental effect on community commitment. Community commitment has an increasing incremental effect on willingness to contribute. Implications for both research and practice are also discussed.

【Keywords】Knowledge contribution; Community commitment; Person-environment fit; Online brand community; Nonlinear relationship