Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling With Batch Delivery to Multiple Customers in Supply Chains

Author:  WANG Kai(Department of Management Science and Engineering)¡¢HaoLuo¡¢Feng Liu¡¢XiaohangYue
Publication:  IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems£¬July 2017
Abstract:  Rapid changes in production environments have motivated researchers and industrial manufacturers to coordinate the production and distribution in supply chain management. This paper aims to address the permutation flow shop scheduling problem with batch delivery to multiple customers. In this problem, products are first manufactured in a permutation flow shop, and subsequently delivered to multiple customers in batches. To optimize the tradeoff between customer service and distribution cost, the objective of this paper is to minimize the total cost of tardiness and batch delivery. To deal with such optimization problem, two simple heuristics and a novel meta-heuristic (GA-TVNS) are developed to determine integrated production and distribution schedules. GA-TVNS hybridizes genetic algorithm and variable neighborhood search (VNS) to provide better exploration and exploitation in the search space. Moreover, to improve the local search of VNS, two new learning-based neighborhood structures are designed based on the classical school learning process of teaching-learning-based optimization. Computation experiments on both small-sized and large-sized test problems indicate that GA-TVNS performs the best among all the compared scheduling algorithms.

¡¡¡¡¡¾Keywords¡¿batch delivery, genetic algorithm (GA), permutation flow shop, supply chain, teaching¨Clearning-based optimization (TLBO), variable neighborhood search (VNS)