How Does Framing Strategy Affect Evaluation of Culturally Mixed Products? The Self-Other Asymmetry Effect

Author:  Nan Cui, Lan Xu, Tao Wang(Department of Marketing and Tourism Management)William Qualls, Yanghong Hu
Publication:  Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 47(10),1307-1320.
Abstract:  The article examines the effect of bicultural framing strategy on the evaluation of culturallymixed products (CMPs). Across two experiments, wedemonstrate a self¨Cother asymmetryeffect in the CMP evaluation. Specifically, we examine the ¡°foreign-culture home-culture¡±strategy in which the foreign culture ¡°modifies¡± the home culture. This phenomenon leadsto less favorable evaluation of CMPs relative to the ¡°home-culture foreign-culture¡± strategyin which thehome culture ¡°modifies¡± the foreign culture. Furthermore, the findings show that consumers¡¯ perception of cultural intrusion mediates the effect of framing strategy onCMP evaluation. We also identify the boundary condition wherein the self¨Cother asymmetry isattenuated when people focus their judgment on facts (as opposed to motivation).

¡¾Keywords¡¿culturally mixed products (CMPs), culture mixing, bicultural exposure, self¨Cother asymmetry,cultural psychology