Research Centers


There are 55 Research Centers in EMS covering all disciplines of Economics and Management, research filed includes development economics, financial engineering, risk management, Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration, economic thoughts, human resource management, tourism planning and design, regional economics, labor economics, SME research, innovation, investment, The unearthed literature and traditional economy, energy economics, strategy management, multi-national management, here are some selected centers:


Center for Economic Development Research of Wuhan University

Research Area

●  Economic development of developing countries and regions

●  China's economic growth

●  Development economics theory

Chair: Prof. GUO Xibao



Population.Rresources. Environmental Economic Research Center

Research Area

●  Population and economic development

●  Economic sustainable development theory and strategy

●  Population flow, and industry structure changes and social economic transformation

●  China economic reform and development

●  Industry development theory and policy

●  High-tech industry development

●  Engineering sex immigrants placed

●  Private economic development

●  Labor employment and social security

●  Resources, and environment and economic development.

Chair: Prof. JIAN Xinhua



Center for Financial Engineering and Risk Management

Research Area

●  Financial Engineering and Risk Management

Chair: Prof. YE Yonggang



Research Center for China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration of Wuhan University

Research Area

●  University-industry collaboration and strategic emerging industries

●  University-industry collaboration and innovative Talents development

●  The Synergic of University-industry collaboration and Innovation-Entrepreneurship

Chair: Prof. LI Yanping



Financial Research Center of Wuhan University

Research Area

●  Monetary finance

●  Financial intermediation

●  Financial engineering

●  Insurance

●  Investment

Chair: Prof. JIANGChun


Research Center for Human Resource Management

Research Area

●  Research on technological innovation

●  Research on female entrepreneurship and career development

●  International comparative research on strategic human resource management

●  Professional managers to research

●  Research on human resources and human capital

Chair: Prof. LI Yanping




Financial Development and Policy Research Center of Wuhan University

Research Area

●  Financial development and policy

Chair: Prof. HUANG Xian



International Investment Research Center of Wuhan University

Research Area

●  International investment research and investment index released

Chair: Prof. CHEN Hong



Modern logistics and supply chain management research center of Wuhan university

Research Area

●  Research on the theories of regional logistics system

●  Logistics park planning, construction and operations management

●  Logistics industrial cluster theory and empirical research

●  Network and node layout planning of regional logistics system

●  Research on supply chain strategic management

●  Supply chain finance services

●  Cooperation between enterprises in supply chain game

Chair: Prof. HAI Feng