EMS is one of the largest schools of its kind in China and the largest school under the administration of WHU. It dates back to 1893 when “Zhiqiang(Self-Reliance) Institute” was founded with a division of business and it was, in practice, the earliest business education institution in China. The school’s vision is become a leading business school in China with world-class standing, this strategy, together with our drive for internationalization, will enhance our brand recognition so we could make a greater impact in China’s business education.
Under the disciplines of Economics and Management, there are four level-1 subjects: Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Business Administration, and Management Science & Engineering. EMS is the only few schools in China that have been authorized to offer degree programmes in all four subjects. Currently, EMS offers 77 degree programmes which are categorized into 4 groups: 16 bachelor, 26 Generalist (Academic) Master, 13 Professional Masters, and 22 Doctoral Programmes.
Currently, EMS has more than 10 thousand students. All our programmes enjoy great reputation and are very much in demand. For the undergraduate graduating class, about one third of them go abroad for further education, many in top programmes in North America, Europe and Asia. Another third of the students continue their postgraduate studies at top universities in China and the remaining third is popular in the employment market. The graduates from the Master programmes are also very competitive in the employment market. The employment rates are typically above 98% six months after graduation.The corresponding rate for the PhDs is 96% on average, also impressive.
Currently, EMS has 298 core faculty members working on full-time basis, with around 74 percent
holding the professional title of associate professor or above, 87 percent hold a PhD degree. By 2020, we aim to have 30% of our faculty with overseas doctoral degrees and 50% of our domestically-trained faculty have significant international experience.
As Wuhan University is a research-oriented institution, the School has also been very much research-focused with a long history of high-quality research, especially in Theoretical Economics in China. It is also a pioneer in China in the research on Development Economics and has established a Centre for Economic Development Research Economics. In a most recent national assessment on research in 2013 organised by MoE, the School’s research in theoretical Economics is ranked 3rd nationally, and its business research ranked 12th.